LYKE omg you guyZ

I Kinda..totally forgot about this place xD; I'm SORRY. Summer was busy lol.
I've been working on a story of mine, although I kinda got writers block after one chapter..because I'm an awesome writer like that. But the story is so lame to me I don't really have the motivation to continue. CURSE YOU Kit and Kobe for not having a story till now!!!!!
They were created when it was like...make the characters look good without giving them a decent story waaayy back when I was a wee 14 year old. Oh the memories.

I HAVE PICTURES well...only two. and they're not finished. I lost motivation for them |D; I seem to be doing that a lot lately....o\\\\o;;;

The Ludwig and Emily one I'm prooobably never ever going to finish. but Liz' ref is coming along nicely~ When I first designed her I wanted her to have dreads and have tons of tatoo's around her body but now I'm dimming those tattoos down, and she has no dreads obviously.

I find it funny that I can draw humans on Photoshop pretty decently, but I can't draw them in my sketch book that well. It's so weird!! XD but whatevas
School is starting for me next week, so I'll have a lot more sketches then what I have now. I use photoshop and oekaki more in the summer.


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