The avery one I did a while agooo annnd the top pooch I'm still working on~ >u< most of my digital stuff some people have already seen..especially if they go to my dA account lol

ANNND sketches from sketch book. I'm having more fun drawing peopleeee yayyy. Peter and Liz are my characters. Zeki isss not.

woot for me uploading more lol


ahahahaah surprised to see me?? O u O;; lol I know I know I don't update much and I'm sorry XD!!! I only want to use this place for my sketches in my sketchbook. Traditional art I guess you could say
and my scanner was MIA for a while buuut I fixed it so now I can sketch to my hearts desire!!!

soooo Annie gave me her awesome markers~~<33

annd here's the finished picture~

look how nice and tiny this one is~ awww. This was a little thing I drew for someone over at dA in hopes that I can adopt one of her characters~ so keep our fingers crossed!!!
anyway I'll be updating more you guys XD Christmas break has been amaaazing for me so far, and I...still have to study for that stupid bone/skeleton test...-sigh- I'm going to die.
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