I love laptop

I wasn't liking how this picture was turning out at first but..now it's kinda growing on me.

Chibi Commission~

I just finished a commission this morning and felt like uploading it haha.
It's times like these where I wished I lived closer to the school. I'd get sooo much work done in the morning before heading for my 12 o'clock class.

Leaving for the train in an hour.


I'm sads.

I'm sad so I drew sad stuff.
well more like, cheer the fuck up chelsea and cuddle with something.

which I don't..have anyone to cuddle with but, hey, at least I have stuffed animals?

forever alone.

HAHA I kid, I don't feel forever alone. and my stuffed animals are quite comfy. I always draw a sad Adrenalynn when I'm sad, which is weird cause it's not in her character to get sad all too often. but whatever, and as much of a JERK as Yukio is, he still knows when to be there for his bo when she's sad lol.


Stuff from my new sketchbook

I always wish that my style looked different.
I don't think it looks cool or unique or creative compared to those in my year. I find it just...meh. So I've been trying to change that. Slowly xD; but I'll get there eventually!!

so yeah. Lots of doodles, I never like outlining my sketches cause I feel like I flatten them to the extreme when I do...I need to work on my out lining.
So much stuff to improve on. I guess that's just what happens when you're an artist.

Time for work.

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