Pokemon Challenge DAY 5

Favourite Legendary Pokemon.
I couldn't choose hahahah so I just picked Rayquaza cause I haven't draw it before~ HOORAY

Pokemon Challenge DAY 3


I cheated and drew two. I'm terrible.

THESE ARE SO MUCH FUN!!! Tomorrow I get to draw my favourite eeveeloution EEEEE

Pokemon Challenge

IT IS A CHALLENGE to draw pokemon for 30 days. It's this list I found on tumblr and I've been posting them on tumblr since yesterday~ I felt like uploading them here too cause so far it's been pretty fun.

FOLLOW ME if you have one!!! i want to know more people who have a tumblr xD

BUT YEAH. I drew Charizard yesterday for day one for my favourite pokemon and Machop today for day two as my most hated pokemon ever.

It's a nice break from commissions..which I now have to get back too.


mama I wub u

I feel like I can only upload my OC art on my blog. WHICH ISN'T A BAD THING, just on fA they only care about if it's kawaii and if it's a dog.

humans are a sin

more OC stuff. Adrenalynn being a mom to now three boys. Charlie, Izaac and Zeke. I love drawing children, but I can't really draw babies. idk you think they'd be easy cause they're just...round but they're surprisingly difficult.

Hope you all had a good Canada day!! Mine was incredibly awkward
and now I'm off to work on commissions...!!

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