Big happy famareeeee

doodles I did last night~ taking a break from commissions and preparing for AC. OC's belong to me and christeenieeeee

I showed her this last night and she mentioned how I drew this in perfect time for fathers day. I knew it was father's day this sunday but I wasn't thinking about it when I doodled this hahaha. I got PLENTY of spongebob things for my dad ohhohhoho he's getting spongebob cup cakes yep. Only the best for my dad.

he loves me.


AC badges

I'm going to a furry convention called Anthrocon next week so I'm drawing my roommates badges to wear! I love drawing badges so much
ohhhh so much

two more to go~



Inspired from these outfits that a classmate? I guess she is haha, doodled!

homestuck's got me pretty wiped, I admit it.

Improvement thingamabober

Just something I felt like putting together. It was kinda funny how Adrenalynn is in the same pose with the same expression in each of them. I never meant for that to happen ahha.

First drawing I did when I was 15, second when I was 18 and the other was two days ago. I kinda like doing stuff like this, though sometimes my old art makes me want to kill myself, I never notice how much I've improved until I look back a few years.

Yukio (the boy) belongs to this woman. Crazy how we've known each other for six years~

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