work in progress screenshots

and the final is in the post below. I'm thinking about applying for a cleanup internship position so I'll be posting a lot of my line work later on. I loooove linearting ahhhhhhh.

Dawgs. All of the dawgs

I'm such a furry.

I got new boots during my boxing day shopping so I decide to draw a little something for myself because I LOVE THESE BOOTS SO MUCH. I hope everyone's christmas was as wonderful as mine was and I hope the rest of your holidays go just as well<3 !!

woof woof arrooooo.

Long distance dogs

I haven't drawn with my tablet in..I think more than a week so this was just practice to get back into it again hhaha it felt so weird but I got the hang of it eventually. This is my friends, boyfriend and I as dogs.

Barkbark, woof woof.

I got back from Florida last night and I'm still a little upset about it. I didn't want to leave...emotional chelsea is emotional.
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