Couple doodles of HOOOMANS. If you can even tell. I think my sketches are getting messy-er lol
It's like they're testing you

I've always wanted to have clean sketches like some of the art books I see, where you can clearly see what's going on and there's not like 100 lines on one side of an arm or something. My sketches have never been like that hahahaha thank god I can make clean line art.

Now about the pictures:
The first one is with Yukio and Adrenalynn for my close friend and Yukio's her character. She's going through something right now so this was my lame attempt to comfort her ): I can't really cheer someone up all that well when they live eight hours away, but I tried.

Adrien's face. I was working on subtle emotions and I think I almost had it with him.

and the last one's Yukio and Adrenalynn in some random outing or whatever. I tried doing a slight angle on it too~ just an experiment

Now I have to get ready to go to Sarah and Annie's. IT WILL BE FUN!!


Kit you're such a dork

oodles of doodles from RPs that I'm in with Sarah and Annie.

My character's the derpy girl/wolf annnnd Tristan and Fray (and little Chase) are Sarah's, annnd Sherry is Annie's~

bed time yay

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