let's start the late christmas gifts hooooray

Something I finished tonight before I started this random depression.

It's almost like the saddness where...you want to cry but you can't, you want to talk to people but you don't...I can't explain it.

I kinda wish this day didn't happen...


So it was Christmas yesterday

And it was one of my best Christmases everest.
I felt a lot of love this year from my friends and family and it was amazing<3 I'm so lucky to know such kind and wonderful people.


A'ight so I got:

Spongebob TY beenies, three of them.
Spongebob Snuggie
Micky Mouse plushie toy
Toy Story 3
Kirby's epic yarn
Scott Pilgrim
Domo plush toy
Lava Lamp
Socks. Lots of them
Atari DS game
Wolf Plush toy
Super duper soft PJs
Tangled Art book<3 Fuck yes
iPod Touch
Alarm clock
A book about stupid people
Spongebob video game
Spongebob pencil case
A moose Necklace
Two Animal hats
Animal mitts
Battle Hampsters (with the accessories)
Stuffed teddy
Hand lotion/body butter
Manicure set

and a shit load of Candy.
a shit load.

I had such a great Christmas. Not just becuase my gifts were amazing but I got to spend it with all the people I love the mostest<3

I'm so cheesy.
Break art coming soon! Working on christmas gifts for people and I might upload some here XD WHO KNOWS!!
Thanks for looking<3


Kissing your forehead

doodles doodles doodles
well the bottom one isn't. That one's a commission I'm currently working on.
The top one's just two dorks being cute n coupley n stuff~

story boards almost done!! Even though I don't go till next week OH WELL I feel accomplished getting it done like a week before they're due. Too bad I have that stupid english essay to worry about e____e I don't want to do it.

Time for bed


just a lineart of a picture I'm working on~ My character Kitlynd and Annie's character Sherry being cute n all that stuff.






hi I'm having fun experimenting with textures and transparency.
okay I'll go back to my homework.


So freaking kawaii

I forgot that you can actually title these things xD! I..never saw that way up there before.

enjoy some kawaii pooches that I drew for a traders~

Breaks over )':

A kawaii puppy desu of a friends fursona~ I felt like I was losing my style so this helped me find it again xD cuteness prevails!
lol a random comic of two characters that you've seen before. I'm so excited to start painting digitally now that I'm finally getting the hang of it!
SARAH DOG IS A SARAH DOG. Yeah I'm working on a reference for her as a dog.
Boarder collie/wolf mix.

bad ass.

This week break has been..okay to say the least. I got seven random bug bites on my one leg! and they itch like hell. Hopefully they get better before school starts up again. It's hard to walk on my left foot since that stupid bug thought it was lolawesome to bite me on the bottom of my foot e______e the jerk.
Homework is complete! except for Character design but I have till wednesday so I'm not rushing.

Thanks for looking<3

I don't upload homework

I see a lot of blogs uploading homework assignments while I'm just uploading doodles lol

You wouldn't want to see my shitty assignments anyway.
I only have a little to show since I'm getting ready for work. Kinda don't want to work at 12 till 6:30 but at least I get a break and hopefully the time will go by fast...


I said I'd show commissions so here's ONE lol I'll upload more when I'm not rushing around like a freak
A chibi commission~ $15.

I'm starting to get really attached to this style of doodling on photoshop xD it's so free and fun. I love opacityyyy~<3
Left to right: AdrenaLynn, Yukio and Adrien, Yukiki. They have similar names because as me and my friend, who created Yukio and Yukiki, were drawing random ideas for AdrenaLynn and Yukio she drew them as the opposite sex...
and well it eventually turned into Adrien and Yukiki XD it's also why they look so similar too.


Till next time!<3

I didn't realize I haven't updated since April lol

long time no see

ummm summer was super special awesome. I loved it despite my parents breathing down my neck about tuition payments. Other then that though I enjoyed it a lot!
I mostly drew on the computer over the summer ANND I finally opened up commissions the first time ever XD and they've been going well!! I've made over $200 and I'm still getting commissions~ so it's kept me in high spirits about my work haha.

So now that school's started I shall share with you some art I've done since the first week to now.
and maybe some commissions if I have the space. IF NOT I'll update again with commissions in a separate blog post
Traditional stuff in my skettchboook~

Look at all them humans.
I think I'm improving XD Slowly!! Kit and Kobe are in there~ but you..probably wouldn't' notice because A) You have no idea who my characters are and B) they went through a revamp XD They no long have dog ears or dog tails. Their pupils are slits and their fangs show! More werewolfyish I hope lol. ANYWAY

Kawaii Tristen desu at the top there. I'm so glad Sarah told me about his nose being all..bent like that cause it makes me want to practice with different wolf/dog face shapes. I've been feeling that all mine look the same so..it's a nice little experiment. Oh and yeah, Tristan and derpy Asher belong to Sarah.
ANND last but not least two digital peices of mine that I'm currently working on.

This little diddy is just something random I wanted to do xD It's a little inside joke between me and a friend. My two characters are the ones actually dancing while Yukio, my friends character, is too 'cool' to do such a thingLOL
ahh I need to share my characters more...curse my shyness.

This just explains itself for me. I can't really without getting a little emotional. I've always been worried about making people I actually know into dogs in case they'd think I was weirdd or something but with these two I don't feel that. I'm not scared to be myself around them, I feel accepted. That goes for like all of Group B but these two are the most special to me. They've always been there and I only have my undying love and gratitude to give to them for being probably my best friends in the entire world.
Commissions will come later XD as will, hopefully, DESK PICTURESSSS WOOO!!! Thanks for looking<3!!

LETS SEE SOME MOAR ART FROM MEEEE what I've been doodling over the summer
I haven't drawn that much at all to tell you the truth. I think I'm burnt out, which makes me a sad pandaaa )': but I'm still doodling? that's good too right?

and it's mostly doodles of PEOPLE D8 I know right?

which has..changed since I drew this BUT IT'S ALL GOOD!!! Ninetails is switched with Umbreon at the moment~ annnd Pikachu isn't in there yet lol. He will be.

PANDA the adorable Ferret that belongs to a friend of mine. She's starting school next week so I did this..huge dump of her characters and mine. I'm so nice I know!

AdrenaLynn and Yukiooo~ with a Panda around his neck lol

Silly AdrenaLynn TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS!!

I'm still...bad with kissing pictures. I'm practicing though ;___; don't judge me!!!
These two are like crack to me. I love drawing them so much.
AND LAST and actual animal drawing

it's a trade I'm doing over at dA! I don't really draw deer that much so I wanted to challenge myself. I think it looks pretty deerish yeah?
and so I leave you once again. I FINALLY got a second job and I've been working there pretty much all week. It's crazy! Money is coming in like maad I tells you.

Good day (: !!!


it's $40 u__u but I'm still getting it!! I'm probably going to get another on in fourth year so I can see my improvement instead of paying $40 every year lol

so much money.

damn you sheridan and being so expensive.

of course you know. My walk cycle is all wrong and I notice this the day it's due. I really need flipbook at home.
or at least live closer to the school. fml.

At the beginning of this assigment I asked Michel if I could animate it going west and she said it was fine! She better keep to her work >B| I'm watching you Michel

very closely

even though there's a lot of things wrong with it, for timing it's my best xD so sad. I'm such a terrible animator. OH WELLP. have some drawings

Sarah's wolvies!!! Chase in the background there makes me think of a very special tune from my childhood. About an Elf that just wanted to be a dentist, and a reindeer that just wanted to be on Santa's team.
Why don't I fit in? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xqACmJvqaU&feature=related

Kit with her hubby wubby. How kawaii

ANNND Jackie wiitth her boyfwend. aww how cute.
Kree and Tobias belong to my friend Dev~ buttt Jackie and Kit are mine.
They're my ~ladehs~

Enjoy! XD

Head Rotation of deh Bambeh

A little fast as always xD My timing still needs worrrkk. I'm still proud of this despite that though~ really happy it's over. Bambi was such...a bitch lol. I KNOW there's no sound but I got this off the server before I put it in lol SO HUSH UP.

The avery one I did a while agooo annnd the top pooch I'm still working on~ >u< most of my digital stuff some people have already seen..especially if they go to my dA account lol

ANNND sketches from sketch book. I'm having more fun drawing peopleeee yayyy. Peter and Liz are my characters. Zeki isss not.

woot for me uploading more lol


ahahahaah surprised to see me?? O u O;; lol I know I know I don't update much and I'm sorry XD!!! I only want to use this place for my sketches in my sketchbook. Traditional art I guess you could say
and my scanner was MIA for a while buuut I fixed it so now I can sketch to my hearts desire!!!

soooo Annie gave me her awesome markers~~<33

annd here's the finished picture~

look how nice and tiny this one is~ awww. This was a little thing I drew for someone over at dA in hopes that I can adopt one of her characters~ so keep our fingers crossed!!!
anyway I'll be updating more you guys XD Christmas break has been amaaazing for me so far, and I...still have to study for that stupid bone/skeleton test...-sigh- I'm going to die.
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