I didn't realize I haven't updated since April lol

long time no see

ummm summer was super special awesome. I loved it despite my parents breathing down my neck about tuition payments. Other then that though I enjoyed it a lot!
I mostly drew on the computer over the summer ANND I finally opened up commissions the first time ever XD and they've been going well!! I've made over $200 and I'm still getting commissions~ so it's kept me in high spirits about my work haha.

So now that school's started I shall share with you some art I've done since the first week to now.
and maybe some commissions if I have the space. IF NOT I'll update again with commissions in a separate blog post
Traditional stuff in my skettchboook~

Look at all them humans.
I think I'm improving XD Slowly!! Kit and Kobe are in there~ but you..probably wouldn't' notice because A) You have no idea who my characters are and B) they went through a revamp XD They no long have dog ears or dog tails. Their pupils are slits and their fangs show! More werewolfyish I hope lol. ANYWAY

Kawaii Tristen desu at the top there. I'm so glad Sarah told me about his nose being all..bent like that cause it makes me want to practice with different wolf/dog face shapes. I've been feeling that all mine look the same so..it's a nice little experiment. Oh and yeah, Tristan and derpy Asher belong to Sarah.
ANND last but not least two digital peices of mine that I'm currently working on.

This little diddy is just something random I wanted to do xD It's a little inside joke between me and a friend. My two characters are the ones actually dancing while Yukio, my friends character, is too 'cool' to do such a thingLOL
ahh I need to share my characters more...curse my shyness.

This just explains itself for me. I can't really without getting a little emotional. I've always been worried about making people I actually know into dogs in case they'd think I was weirdd or something but with these two I don't feel that. I'm not scared to be myself around them, I feel accepted. That goes for like all of Group B but these two are the most special to me. They've always been there and I only have my undying love and gratitude to give to them for being probably my best friends in the entire world.
Commissions will come later XD as will, hopefully, DESK PICTURESSSS WOOO!!! Thanks for looking<3!!
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