I found the bottle for the White Rabbit Experiment, as some of you know. Just copy~ www.the-white-rabbit-experiment.blogspot.com/
AND here's the super awesome proof picture that I took so that they know I did in fact find it
and I did drink that tea.



My scanner apparently can't connect to my computer at the moment n w n

so I took my kawaii pokemon pictures...picture on my little mac camera so sorry for the shittyness.

...okay well AFTER THIS OKAMI lol then the pokemoning begins. Isn't she so desu?? hahahaha At least I think she's a girl.....
Eevee sucks you in with it's eyes of terror
FLAREEEONN. I'm trying to draw all the eeveelutions but Flareon is the only one I'm sure of lol! The other designs I need reference hahaha
Not sure if he's right but AWW.
I'm planning to put this guy on a t-shirt plus many other cute pokemon (: (: still not sure if I'll go through with it but yeah...hopefully it works!!!

and this is my character Cody with a kitteeenn, that looks awful but OH WELL! It's the cuteness that matters right??? and now it wont let me type below it...hm. but yay for updating?


Since I finally remembered that my school actually lets you posts your blogs up to show the rest of the animation program at Sheridan I'm...thinking I should get my ass in gear and start putting up my sketches !

so um...yes LETS DO THIS! Most of these are in a little clip book our teacher suggested us to get. I actually like it a lot better then a sketch book since I hate tearing out things from ittt and..it's just a hassle.
anyway lol.

THERE ARE MOOAR but...I don't think I can upload that many. Maybe next timee!! for now it's painting and animations I have to work ooonnn!!


LYKE omg you guyZ

I Kinda..totally forgot about this place xD; I'm SORRY. Summer was busy lol.
I've been working on a story of mine, although I kinda got writers block after one chapter..because I'm an awesome writer like that. But the story is so lame to me I don't really have the motivation to continue. CURSE YOU Kit and Kobe for not having a story till now!!!!!
They were created when it was like...make the characters look good without giving them a decent story waaayy back when I was a wee 14 year old. Oh the memories.

I HAVE PICTURES well...only two. and they're not finished. I lost motivation for them |D; I seem to be doing that a lot lately....o\\\\o;;;

The Ludwig and Emily one I'm prooobably never ever going to finish. but Liz' ref is coming along nicely~ When I first designed her I wanted her to have dreads and have tons of tatoo's around her body but now I'm dimming those tattoos down, and she has no dreads obviously.

I find it funny that I can draw humans on Photoshop pretty decently, but I can't draw them in my sketch book that well. It's so weird!! XD but whatevas
School is starting for me next week, so I'll have a lot more sketches then what I have now. I use photoshop and oekaki more in the summer.


HAY! What are you doing here???
OMG it's Kit and Kobe!! Being siblingly awww how cute
ohhhhh hohohohohoho see Dev? I told you I drew them. of course I could've done it a lot more..suddjestive but that's naughty ;\\;
Ludwig. Being a fatty
lolololololololololol. and my creatures at the top there. PUFFINS YAY<3
THIISS is a gift for dev. I'm still fiddling around with the actual pose BUUT so far I like this
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