I found the bottle for the White Rabbit Experiment, as some of you know. Just copy~ www.the-white-rabbit-experiment.blogspot.com/
AND here's the super awesome proof picture that I took so that they know I did in fact find it
and I did drink that tea.



My scanner apparently can't connect to my computer at the moment n w n

so I took my kawaii pokemon pictures...picture on my little mac camera so sorry for the shittyness.

...okay well AFTER THIS OKAMI lol then the pokemoning begins. Isn't she so desu?? hahahaha At least I think she's a girl.....
Eevee sucks you in with it's eyes of terror
FLAREEEONN. I'm trying to draw all the eeveelutions but Flareon is the only one I'm sure of lol! The other designs I need reference hahaha
Not sure if he's right but AWW.
I'm planning to put this guy on a t-shirt plus many other cute pokemon (: (: still not sure if I'll go through with it but yeah...hopefully it works!!!

and this is my character Cody with a kitteeenn, that looks awful but OH WELL! It's the cuteness that matters right??? and now it wont let me type below it...hm. but yay for updating?
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