Since I finally remembered that my school actually lets you posts your blogs up to show the rest of the animation program at Sheridan I'm...thinking I should get my ass in gear and start putting up my sketches !

so um...yes LETS DO THIS! Most of these are in a little clip book our teacher suggested us to get. I actually like it a lot better then a sketch book since I hate tearing out things from ittt and..it's just a hassle.
anyway lol.

THERE ARE MOOAR but...I don't think I can upload that many. Maybe next timee!! for now it's painting and animations I have to work ooonnn!!


Jessica said...

I LOOVE your Amaterasu sketches <3

Chibumms said...

YAY! You actually know who she is! Everyone else I've shown her too they're all like
"what a cute wolf...with a pencil through her body and an antenna!!"

Kinda crushed my confidence for drawing swords.

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