of course you know. My walk cycle is all wrong and I notice this the day it's due. I really need flipbook at home.
or at least live closer to the school. fml.

At the beginning of this assigment I asked Michel if I could animate it going west and she said it was fine! She better keep to her work >B| I'm watching you Michel

very closely

even though there's a lot of things wrong with it, for timing it's my best xD so sad. I'm such a terrible animator. OH WELLP. have some drawings

Sarah's wolvies!!! Chase in the background there makes me think of a very special tune from my childhood. About an Elf that just wanted to be a dentist, and a reindeer that just wanted to be on Santa's team.
Why don't I fit in? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xqACmJvqaU&feature=related

Kit with her hubby wubby. How kawaii

ANNND Jackie wiitth her boyfwend. aww how cute.
Kree and Tobias belong to my friend Dev~ buttt Jackie and Kit are mine.
They're my ~ladehs~

Enjoy! XD


Suka Strife said...


Sad Chase is sad.

Hahahahaha XD Chase.

JAKIE!!!! She's so curvy.

Chiu Chiu Express said...

YOU UPDATED!!!!!! YAY! as always your work is adorable!

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