LETS SEE SOME MOAR ART FROM MEEEE what I've been doodling over the summer
I haven't drawn that much at all to tell you the truth. I think I'm burnt out, which makes me a sad pandaaa )': but I'm still doodling? that's good too right?

and it's mostly doodles of PEOPLE D8 I know right?

which has..changed since I drew this BUT IT'S ALL GOOD!!! Ninetails is switched with Umbreon at the moment~ annnd Pikachu isn't in there yet lol. He will be.

PANDA the adorable Ferret that belongs to a friend of mine. She's starting school next week so I did this..huge dump of her characters and mine. I'm so nice I know!

AdrenaLynn and Yukiooo~ with a Panda around his neck lol

Silly AdrenaLynn TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS!!

I'm still...bad with kissing pictures. I'm practicing though ;___; don't judge me!!!
These two are like crack to me. I love drawing them so much.
AND LAST and actual animal drawing

it's a trade I'm doing over at dA! I don't really draw deer that much so I wanted to challenge myself. I think it looks pretty deerish yeah?
and so I leave you once again. I FINALLY got a second job and I've been working there pretty much all week. It's crazy! Money is coming in like maad I tells you.

Good day (: !!!


Dev said...

Adrena pulled a Jigglypuff!

Riley said...

Ooo I like the pokemon team one! Hope you decide to finish it up.

Always nice to see your people <3 And the deer looks pretty good too!

Chiu Chiu Express said...

you got another job where?! LUCKY!

Aaron Fryer said...

very cool, esp the arcanine ;D also, I think this is the first comment I've left on your blog

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