I'm sads.

I'm sad so I drew sad stuff.
well more like, cheer the fuck up chelsea and cuddle with something.

which I don't..have anyone to cuddle with but, hey, at least I have stuffed animals?

forever alone.

HAHA I kid, I don't feel forever alone. and my stuffed animals are quite comfy. I always draw a sad Adrenalynn when I'm sad, which is weird cause it's not in her character to get sad all too often. but whatever, and as much of a JERK as Yukio is, he still knows when to be there for his bo when she's sad lol.



Victoria C. said...

WHY YOU SAD!?????????????????????? NO SAD CHELSEA= THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! D: SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

CREEPstine said...

yukio is sweet ALL the time
cuz all he eats is sweets..

he's like... a HUMAN PI√ĎATA!

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