I don't upload homework

I see a lot of blogs uploading homework assignments while I'm just uploading doodles lol

You wouldn't want to see my shitty assignments anyway.
I only have a little to show since I'm getting ready for work. Kinda don't want to work at 12 till 6:30 but at least I get a break and hopefully the time will go by fast...


I said I'd show commissions so here's ONE lol I'll upload more when I'm not rushing around like a freak
A chibi commission~ $15.

I'm starting to get really attached to this style of doodling on photoshop xD it's so free and fun. I love opacityyyy~<3
Left to right: AdrenaLynn, Yukio and Adrien, Yukiki. They have similar names because as me and my friend, who created Yukio and Yukiki, were drawing random ideas for AdrenaLynn and Yukio she drew them as the opposite sex...
and well it eventually turned into Adrien and Yukiki XD it's also why they look so similar too.


Till next time!<3


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