A kawaii puppy desu of a friends fursona~ I felt like I was losing my style so this helped me find it again xD cuteness prevails!
lol a random comic of two characters that you've seen before. I'm so excited to start painting digitally now that I'm finally getting the hang of it!
SARAH DOG IS A SARAH DOG. Yeah I'm working on a reference for her as a dog.
Boarder collie/wolf mix.

bad ass.

This week break has been..okay to say the least. I got seven random bug bites on my one leg! and they itch like hell. Hopefully they get better before school starts up again. It's hard to walk on my left foot since that stupid bug thought it was lolawesome to bite me on the bottom of my foot e______e the jerk.
Homework is complete! except for Character design but I have till wednesday so I'm not rushing.

Thanks for looking<3


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